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 Enough of Us: Why we should think twice before making children, is now available in print, with the ebook available shortly.  Its subject matter had been topics of conversation for the authors, Cheryl and Ellis Levinson, for about 15 years before we put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard). We decided early in our relationship that we would not bring children into the world. We believe that the reasons behind our decision are worthy of consideration for anyone contemplating reproducing, and that these reasons will support those who have already decided not to have kids. 

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 In Enough of Us we make the case that as members of society we should all consider not having children. The issues include:

  • The risks to the children themselves
  • Understanding the reasons why people create offspring, including the desire for immortality
  • Why having children is the most selfish thing that ethical and moral people do
  • That families with kids often reap advantages from society at the expense of those who are childfree
  • There are many ways to fill the need to nurture that some folks feel, including adoption of those children who are desperate for family
  • The threat to human survival created by our demands on natural resources
  • Overpopulation’s – and resource consumption’s – dramatic  impact on our natural environment
  • The frequent lack of consideration we give to offsprings’ negative impacts on their parents
  • There are ways to care for aging generations without breeding children to care for them.

It is our hope that Enough of Us will stimulate us all to take a new look at the rarely-discussed issues involved in making children.

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