Our book “Enough of Us” is now available in print

After five-plus years, our book Enough of Us: Why we should think twice before making children, is available from iUniverse, under its “Open Books” imprint.

Enough of Us is available from brick-and-mortar stores as well as through all Internet retailers.Enough of Us book cover

Endorsements and comments for Enough of Us:

 Cheryl and Ellis Levinson give you practical ways to deal with those pesky, intrusive family members who want to know why you’re not busy churning out little darlings. But contrary to what you might think, Cheryl and Ellis have given birth—to a beautiful one-and-a-half-pound book. May it continue to reproduce.

–Alan Colmes, syndicated radio host and Fox News commentator


If there was a great shortage of people in the world I would say, “Oh geez, the human population is dying out. We’ve got to do something here.” But that doesn’t seem to be the case.

–Jay Leno, Tonight Show host, in an interview with the authors


While there is plenty of room for debate about the right tools and techniques to encourage sound voluntary choices, your steadfast and obvious commitment for making the world a better, safer, kinder place is manifest. I hope that people will read Enough of Us and reflect on how its proposals would impact people and the planet.

–John Seager, president, Population Connection


 We thank everyone who has supported our blog over the past two-plus years. We will continue on in our efforts to promote a national dialogue as we delve deeper into the issues presented in our book.





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