Help a doctoral candidate by being interviewed for her Ph.D. thesis.

We have agreed to post this request for interviewees in order to assist a doctoral candidate with her thesis. If you have the time and the inclination, the info is below.


This study examines the work experiences of American women who choose to have no children.  The purpose of the study is to understand job loss and unemployment from the view of women who are childless-by-choice.  From this, an understanding of the role work plays in their lives will also be gained.


Taking part in this study is voluntary.  As a benefit, the women who are studied will receive a summary of the study’s results.  To be in this study, women must:

1)     Be living in the United States

2)     Be married to a man for any length of time

3)     Have no children, not want children, and plan to have no children in the future

4)     Have never had any medical treatment to help them bear children

5)     Have experienced job loss for reasons outside of their control between 2008 and 2012


The researcher will talk over the phone at an agreed upon time to women in the study.  Topics discussed include the choice to have no children, work and career topics, the job loss event and period of unemployment, and the meaning of those experiences.  The interviews will likely last 1 to 2 hours.  The talks will be recorded and then typed.  Afterwards, each woman will have a final opportunity to review, clarify, or add to her responses.

 To participate or get more information, please contact Jana Berghoefer at or #815-975-4482.  To protect confidentiality, please do not reply publicly to this posting.



  1. Has this research been approved by the IRB?

  2. Jana Berghoefer says:

    Note from researcher: The study has been approved by Capella’s IRB and by my doctoral committee.

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