Fire Sale on Remaining Inventory of Our “Enough Of Us” Book!

While Enough Of Us: Why We Should Think Twice Before Making Children, is still available at retail–in stores and on the web–we are making our remaining in-house inventory available at a cut rate.

Below wholesale!!

Below wholesale!!

Why? because we are pulling up stakes and moving to L.A.

So for a measly nine bucks … yes, $9 … you can have a copy (signed, if you like), including domestic shipping!

You can still order it online and pay full freight just by clicking the link to the right (where you can also read a free chapter before ordering).

But if you email us at 

you can get a copy at the fire sale price.

Additional copies in the same shipment are just $7.00.


  1. Vruh I bought this book and it spoke levels to me as both a human and as a tri-gender demihuman. This book taught me the meaning to life and that children are a plague that should be eradicated from this plane of existence. Help me comrades and stop the production of children who are slowly ruining this beautiful world in which we live.

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