At last – “Enough of Us” is now available as an ebook

We are happy to announce that our work of three years, involving surveys, interviews, research and our own very strong opinions, is now available from all major electronic book retailers. Enough of Us: Why we should think twice before making children has been a labor of love for us because we honestly believe that the need for humanity to stop overproducing its own kind outweighs any arguments for making more of us.
If you would like to read the introduction and first chapter at no charge, just click on “The Book” above. You don’t need an e-reader like a Barnes and Noble Nook, Sony Reader, Apple device or Amazon Kindle in order to read them.

If you do avail yourself of the opportunity to read the introduction and the chapter, please post a comment. We’d love to hear from you. Here are some recommendations for Enough of Us.

“Population growth is a global phenomenon and a proper subject for universal concern. At the same time, it involves one of the most deeply personal and private choices people make – to decide if, when, and how many children they wish to bring into the world.
“It is the juxtaposition between global impact and personal choices that makes population such a compelling topic.
“Casting your book in the light of your own personal choices reflects the fact that your own thoughtful, informed decision to be child-free reflects your concern for others.
“While there is plenty of room for debate about the right tools and techniques to encourage sound voluntary choices, your steadfast and obvious commitment for making the world a better, safer, kinder place is manifest.
“I hope that people will read “Enough of Us” and reflect on how its proposals would impact people and the planet.”
John Seager, President, Population Connection

“Cheryl and Ellis Levinson give you practical ways to deal with those pesky, intrusive family members who want to know why you’re not busy churning out little darlings. But contrary to what you might think, Cheryl and Ellis have given birth, to a beautiful one-and-a-half-pound book. May it continue to reproduce.”
– Alan Colmes, Syndicated radio host and Fox News Channel commentator.

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